Tuscany 1

The View from My Villa—Is This Heaven?

I arrived in Tuscany yesterday!

I’m here for a 3-week writers’ residency at The Lemon Tree House. I’ve been here less than twenty-four hours—and it’s a dream already. I feel right at home. Perched on a mountainside, watching the thunderstorms blow through—rain, actual rain!—and thunder! I came from hotter-than-hell, humid-as hell-LA. This is a welcome reprieve.

It’s a breath of fresh air.


My Little Red Desk

My Little Red Desk

Before I left, I sent off Book 2 of my series. It’s titled THE RETURN OF THE CONTINUUMS. This series has been a huge undertaking. Letting go isn’t easy, but it’s also exciting to know my work will be making its way out into the world at long last. THE 13TH CONTINUUM is up on Amazon and available for preorder. Everything I’ve worked so hard for is happening. I’ve cleared my slate. I’m clearing my head now.

A day to rest. A day to daydream. A day to listen to thunder and smell the rain and sit cozy on a sofa in an old Italian villa. A day to cook frittata and snack on prosciutto and eat tomatoes that taste like tomatoes. A day to watch the sun peak from the clouds and feel the breeze on my skin. A day to read and watch movies and be still.

This locale reminds me of Floyd, Virginia where my parents live on a mountain, except it’s Italy. And I’m with other writers. It might be my version of heaven. I love LA and my life there. But this time of year is HOT. And the daily responsibilities of a life, even a simple one like mine, can intrude on the work. Leaving it all behind frees me up.

Tomorrow, I’ll begin the monumental task of writing the third book my series. I’m under contract and on deadline for the first time ever. I know the story—all the big things that happen—but I still have a lot of work to do building out the worlds. I’ll start with thinking and brainstorming and daydreaming, and then I’ll put my fingers to my keyboard.

And see what emerges.

Word by word, sentence by sentence, flooding the page. I’ll be traveling to outer space, deep underground, to the trenches at the bottom of the sea, across the scorched Surface of the Earth. The book is called THE UNTIED CONTINUUMS.

Wish me luck!