The holidays are here—can you believe it? Celebrate by joining us for Dystopian December! You can win a signed copy of my book Return of the Continuumsthe second book my award-winning Continuum Trilogy. The contest is up for this month ONLY, so don’t miss out!

About Return of the Continuums:

Reaching the surface was just the beginning.

As Myra Jackson and her friends set out to find the First Continuum, Captain Aero Wright and two companions from the outer space Second Continuum find themselves banished for treason and stranded on Earth. Wright has vowed to complete his late father’s mission to recolonize their ancestral planet, but his true mission is to find the mysterious girl who haunts his dreams. Meanwhile, Myra and the young refugees of the underwater Thirteenth Continuum must make an unlikely ally if they are going to survive the hostile surface world and reach their destination, the nexus of humanity’s hope for survival. As their paths begin to converge, the Beacons that guide and connect Myra and Aero begin to prove their power, and a shadowy force with a centuries-old grudge reveals itself.


Praise for Return of the Continuums:

“Strong female and male characters join forces to save what’s left of the world, while a subplot of love triangles adds emotional suspense. Classic themes of loyalty in the face of adversity and good vs. evil underpin this plot-driven science fiction adventure. Although this is the second volume of a trilogy, enough backstory is included to allow teens to pick it up without having read the first installment. Fans of The 13th Continuum will not be disappointed with this lively sequel.” – School Library Journal

“Likeable characters, an intricate world, and imaginative settings combine to make a satisfying young-adult read in Jennifer Brody’s Return of the Continuums, the second book of the dystopian Continuum series.” – Foreword Reviews

“The pacing and action are noticeably stepped up in this second outing […] will please fans of the first.” Kirkus

“Jennifer Brody does it again with her imaginative dystopian young adult fiction follow-up to The 13th Continuum,. . . [Brody] just gets it; she understands that readers don’t just want another post-apocalyptic tale of survival, but that the book needs characters that can hold up against the bleak and hopeless setting, turning it from nothing to something that is full of life and hopeful. It’s the characters that bring completeness to this novel. Those who were fans of the first installment of The Continuum Trilogy will definitely be fans of the second book, no question. I recommend this to any reader who is a dystopian junkie like me. Pick up this book and find that you can’t possibly put it down.”―The Roanoke Times

“The follow up novel to The 13th Continuum is nothing less than a home run for author Jennifer Brody. It builds on a fully realized universe, dense with an ingenious mythology, from book one, yet manages to take readers to a whole new world (pun intended!). Be ready to be angry at the ending, though, because it’s going to leave you clamoring for the final chapter in The Continuum Trilogy!”―Kirby Howell, author of Autumn in the City of Angels

Return of the Continuums is a riveting, action-packed sequel that kept me up well past my bedtime needing to know how Myra and her friends would survive the dangers of the surface and reach The First Continuum. With plenty of unfolding secrets and an ever-expanding world, this is a series that just gets better and better.” – Stephanie Diaz, author of the Extraction series

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