I’m pleased to announce that Common Deer Press has published my short story “200” as part of their Short Tails series. It had a long journey. I workshopped it with Victor LaValle at the Tin House Summer Writers Workshop a few years back, then sold 3 novels and got busy writing those. They became the Continuum Trilogy. I revisited “200” recently because (shhhhhh!) it’s being adapted for feature film.

Some stories won’t die. Some stories find their homes. Glad it’s got a life outside my laptop now. You can read the full story with all its snazzy twists and turns here.


And if you dig that, I have another short story “Let Me In” publishing in the From the Stars anthology on 12/18/17. It’s available for preorder and free in Kindle Unlimited!
Amazon PreOrder Link: http://a.co/56sbZ06